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The McGowan/ Cook Labor government tore up the contracts for Roe 8 after their 2017 election win, turning Leach Hwy into a permanent freight corridor to Fremantle Port. 


Now, traffic congestion is worse than ever.

The current member for Riverton wants to spend $5M of taxpayer money to add more traffic lights at Beatrice Avenue and Leach Hwy, despite the crash data not stacking up! 

This decision was made without community consultation.

Another set of traffic lights will only make congestion along Leach Hwy worse. 

The local member’s options, sent out after the fact, seem more about fulfilling an election promise than practical, data-driven solutions.

There is also a proposal to close the right hand turn out of Corinthian Road E.

Our community deserves better. 

We need a re-think of this entire project, we need consideration of low-cost alternatives like smart technology that address safety issues during peak times without unnecessary disruptions.


We demand the cancellation of the proposed works or a re-design that does not include additional traffic lights and keeps these intersections open during off-peak times.


Your Voice Matters

Sign the petition now to stop this ill-conceived project and fight for smarter, community-focused solutions. 

Let's keep Leach Hwy moving smoothly for everyone. 

Together, we can make a difference.

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Total Signatures: 1120
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