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Built in 1975, the South Yunderup Bridge is the only formal access road for residents in South Yunderup and Austin Lakes.


Local conditions, structural deterioration, increased traffic, and modern safety standards demand an immediate upgrade.


Why This Matters​:

  • Increased Traffic: Daily vehicle count is at 6,500, expected to rise to 10,000, causing traffic bottlenecks and safety issues, particularly during peak hours of school pickup and drop off times.

  • Structural Concerns: The bridge is deteriorating, with cracks and corrosion signalling it's reaching the end of its practical life and temporary fixes are no longer enough.

  • Safety Risks: Numerous incidents or near misses have occurred due to the bridge's narrowness, tight curves, and poor lines of visibility.

  • Community Growth: Rapid development and population growth in South Yunderup and Austin Lakes require better infrastructure.

  • Future proofing: A new bridge will cater to the growing community's needs, ensuring long-term safety and efficiency.


Project Benefits:

  • Enhanced road safety and connectivity

  • Expanded cycle network and safe walking path

  • Job creation during construction

As your Liberal candidate for Murray-Wellington, I'm committed to fighting for upgrades to our local and regional roads, shared paths and cycleways, and the South Yunderup Bridge.


Our community deserves safe, reliable infrastructure. Help me as I seek to secure the necessary funding for this essential project. 


Sign the petition now to support the urgent upgrade of the South Yunderup Bridge.


Together, we can make a difference.

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