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Anthony Albanese and Labor have put forward a plan to lock up almost 8,000km² of Geographe Bay - an area ten times the size of Singapore - for the construction of an offshore wind farm. 


Imagine hundreds - if not thousands - of turbines, each taller than Perth's tallest skyscraper dotting our horizon.


Labor’s proposal also imposes vast exclusion zones that would stop us from engaging in the activities that are the lifeblood of our community – fishing, boating, and diving. 


But if that’s not enough, Anthony Albanese and Labor have been unable to explain the impact this massive project will have on our wildlife.  


Thanks to Labor’s proposal we risk losing more than just a view. Our heritage, our tourism economy, and our ecological balance are all under threat. 


It's time to voice our concerns and tell Anthony Albanese and Labor this isn’t good enough – we deserve to be heard.  


Sign the petition now to help keep our bay untouched and free from the shadows of towering turbines. 


Don’t blow it. Together, let’s save Geographe Bay.

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